APA Student Expectations

Below you will find expectations for APA students on:
Academic Expectations
Extra-Curricular Expectations
Artist's Portfolio
Rehearsal Attendance
Performance Attendance
Behavior Expectations
Behavior Probation
Open Period Expectations


The arts teach self-discipline, reinforce self-esteem, and foster the thinking skills and creativity that are so necessary for students maturing and moving toward further education and employment.  All students are expected to maintain a high grade standard for all classes.  To help maintain that high standard, the following policies are in place:
  • All students will maintain a C- or better in subject.
  • Every six weeks, at the end of the grading period, student grades will be checked.  Any student who is below the grade standard will receive modifications.  
  • A student who is below the grade standard for one grading period will be placed on APA "Academic Watch".  While on "watch", a student is required to meet with an APA faculty advisor, attend study tables once a week, and complete the APA Academic Accountability form by 4:15pm on the last day of the end of the school week. 
  • A student who is on Academic Watch and falls below the grade standard the next grading period will be placed on APA "Academic Probation."  While on "probation", a student will be suspended from all APA extra-curricular activities, attend study tables twice a week, and continue to complete the APA Academic Accountability form.
  •  A student who is on Academic Probation and falls below the grade standard the next grading period will then be removed from the APA and removed from APA classes. 
  • All APA students will also be held accountable to Morton High School's academic guidelines and expectations.
  • Study tables will be held every Tuesday and Thursday in the APA Commons from 3:00pm-5:15pm.  Any student is welcome to attend study tables.  Those who are assigned to study tables because of Academic Watch or Probation must arrive by 3pm or 4:15pm, depending on when their last period class ends.   


As a performing arts community, we believe that commitment to the arts and creation of performance is crucial.  In order to help foster that commitment, the following performance policies are in place:

  • Theatre majors are required to actively participate in at least one play or musical performance a year beyond classroom requirements.  Participation may be an onstage acting role, technical work, or “front of house” work. 
  • Vocal majors are required to actively participate in at least one vocal performance a year beyond classroom requirements. Participation may include a musical, ISSMA festival, or school-sponsored performances.
  • Instrumental majors are required to actively participate in at least one instrumental performance a year beyond classroom requirements.  Participation may include ISSMA solo and ensemble festival, a school-sponsored performance, or a musical. 
  • Dance majors are required to actively participate in at least one dance performance a year beyond classroom requirements.  Participation may include APA Dance Troupe, IHSDTA, school dance team, school-sponsored performance, or a musical.


 A compilation of an artist’s work is an important tool for self-reflection, growth as well as evidence of accomplishments.  As pre-professionals in the arts, students are required to maintain a creative folder that they will use to create an Artist’s Portfolio. 

  • Following the completion of each APA class, performance, or activity, students should create a documentation of their work, which will be added to their creative folder.  
  • A documentation form is available in the APA office.  Pictures, designs, cds, dvds, tapes, etc. can be added to the creative folder. 
  • During the senior year, students will be responsible for taking their folders and synthesizing it into an Artist’s Portfolio as their senior APA project.
  • All students is responsible for consistently adding documentation to their folders. 
  • Faculty advisors will periodically check folders for progression. 
  • Failure to document work may result in behavioral probation.


APA students are required to attend rehearsals and performances of which they are a member.  Failure to attend may result in a grade reduction or failure and behavioral probation. 

APA students are required to attend ALL performances, including plays, musicals, and band, choir and dance recitals.  Your attendance ensure the performances are supported by the entire APA community and allows for informed conversations.  APA students will be admitted to performances at a reduced rate of $1 with the APA student ID.  Failure to attend will result in behavioral probation. 

Examples of Excused Absences:
  • Illness of the student (with doctor's documentation)
  • Death in the student's immediate family
  • Emergency medical reason documented by a doctor's note
  • Necessity for a student to attend a judicial proceeding as a plaintiff, defendent, witness or juror
  • Observance of religious holiday
  • Official school activities approved by APA faculty. 

Exampled of UNExcused Absences and Tardiness:
  • Work
  • Non-emergency doctor's appointments
  • Running Errands/Appointments
  • Babysitting
  • Shopping
  • Oversleeping
  • Cutting classes
  • job-hunting


There are times when individuals in the APA community must modify their personal freedom in order to preserve the safety and respect of the community.  Appropriate etiquette is behavior that allows all community members to work towards being artists, learners, and leaders in a safe environment.

This means it is never appropriate to:
  • Physically or verbally assault, threaten, or harass others
  • Vandalize, steal, or misuse community property
  • Undermine the value of community-wide events and gatherings
  • Litter
APA students are expected to exercise appropriate etiquette at all times, particularly during the school day, during APA-sponsored events, on the way to and from school, as well as personal time. This means that students should not only conduct themselves in a polite and respectful manner while in the school building, but they should also be conscientious of the image they present to the public. Failure to do so may result in behavioral probation.


Being a member of the APA community is a privilege and should be treated as such. If an APA student has shown a disregard for the expectations and guidelines of APA, he/she may be placed on behavioral probation. 

Behavioral Probation may include the following:
  • Meeting with an APA Faculty Advisor
  • Suspension from APA extra-curricular activities
  • Assigned detention/service hours for the APA
  • Removal from the APA


  • There may be a class period when a student does not have a scheduled Morton or APA class.  For example, commuting students or those students without a period 1 or a period 6 would have an “open period”. 
  • ALL students with an open period are expected to be in the APA commons area only.  A pass must be obtained to be in any other area. 
  • APA students in the common area are expected to be mindful that Morton and the APA are conducting class and therefore should be respectful of noise levels.  Students should use this time to study and/or practice. 
  • Any student who abuses the open period will have those privileges revoked and may be placed on behavioral probation.