Volunteer Information


As members of the APA community, APA families are expected to contribute their time in ways that both interest them and serve the greater good. In order to nurture this sense of community involvement, all APA families are required to contribute one hour per trimester per student.  There is a list of volunteer opportunities and sign up lists in the APA office.  Opportunities may include supervision of study tables, assisting in the classroom, assisting in the creation of sets, costumes, etc.  

If this time commitment cannot be fulfilled, families are required to pay a $25 fee per trimester.  APA families are welcome and encouraged to contribute beyond the required amount. 

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a vast number of opportunities to volunteer your time.  We encourage you to find an opportunity that will interest you. 

Examples include:
  • building and painting sets
  • building costumes
  • creating marketing material and distributing marketing material
  • cast/crew dinners during show week
  • supervising study tables, open period times and practice rooms
  • planning fund-raising events and activities
  • assisting with ticket and concession sales during shows
  • helping to strike shows
  • office/filing work in APA office


In order to volunteer with the APA, each adult will need to have a Criminal History check performed.  The forms need to be completed as soon as possible so they may be returned from the state before you do your volunteer work. A form was given to each APA student, but if additional forms are needed, please contact Mr. Easton until the forms are available online.  

The time requirement for each student may be fulfilled by any "family" member of the student.  This includes immediate or extended family members, friends of the student or family, neighbors, etc.  Anyone who is a current Hammond student, staff or faculty member or anyone who has had a criminal history check performed is eligible to volunteer for a student. 

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